fitting in

I have been having serious problems with fitting in lately, especially in the Keystone terrain park. I keep trying to start interesting conversations with fellow skiers but get interrupted every time because I talk too fast and use too many big words. Sometimes they don’t even hear me because of their headphones.

Deeply bothered by this, I decided to update my outfit and body language to see if this will get me accepted in the lift line. I spent the afternoon studying the more popular groups of skiers to try and copy their appearance:


See you on the hill tomorrow!

Big ups

~ by jacobwester on December 16, 2008.

11 Responses to “fitting in”

  1. haha, post some pics of you acctually skiing in that man, feed the haters!

  2. Haha love it J :D
    but it’s Fugly as hell ^^

  3. haha… nice one

  4. da bomb gangsta skando..yo!
    Stand up for indie rock - maby go in the other way, ski in leather and denim. rock on

  5. yeeah! it would be so funny if you and jon did a ”gangstah” edit!

  6. 2 good to be true XD

  7. fint och se att vissa har förstått något, kul somfan!

  8. tell me that this is a mistake:

    ur not in slopestyle? neither PK or henrik….but peter olenick..i dont understand this :(

  9. 1 sock and 1 barefood…is the most G thing on that pic :D
    –> afterbang on first one :D

  10. hahaa i love this! Shredd the park with that outfit :D 4bi9 will be up your ASS for you to join there team!

  11. Looks cool, but i love the rockstyle even more! So go and get some bad ass leather and stuff like that. :)

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