Icer Air

im way too jetlaged and tired to try and make a proper blog post right now.

anyway, icer air went off today, in san francisco, and as most of you know they didnt have money for a big scaffolding inrun so they brought in a tow-in system that takes you from 0 to 50 mph in 2 seconds. and yes, I got the numbers right, i am not kidding. insane.

everyone was making the best out of the unfavorable conditions and it was a fun day.

im so jetlagged i’ve already forgotten what i was writing about. f*ck it. im going to bed.


~ by jacobwester on October 19, 2008.

4 Responses to “Icer Air”

  1. wow, grattis till vinnsten :)
    börjat bra i år !

  2. Grattis!!!! det går bra nu;)

  3. Just heard about your win:D big congratz!! First .CH and now this! Jacob is on fire

  4. would seem the american greesy food was good for your performance! LOL! Or maybe it was the catapult… or maybe just natural talent… congrats!

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