back in the water

woke up at 5 this morning. wide awake, no way i would fall back asleep. checked the wind forecasts and made some breakfast.

then i packed the car with my 5′10 fish and my wetsuit (so weird wearing a wetsuit after 2 months of surfing in boardies), and made the 60 minute drive south to Torö. the surf was on, 2 guys in the water, and the sun came out. its not like an indonesian reefbreak, but its something i’ve missed this winter, so i sessioned it for 4 hours. awesome.

P2120019P2130026P2130025unknown ripper on the righthander

now its 5 o clock in the afternoon and i could seriously go to bed, so jetlagged. gonna try to stay up for a few more hours…

see ya latah

~ by jacobwester on July 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “back in the water”

  1. oh maan you’re so cool :) keep your blog up! don’t do the same as jon olsson with his blog. have a great weekend! greetz from germany.

  2. Nice with some updates Jacob. Maybe you could tell us a little more about the Indonesia-trip. Like, if it´s cheap and those kind of stuff.

    Br Maximilian

  3. Nice update! Keep it coming, love your blog!

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