Bali pt.II

Here’s a few more (mainly surf) shots from the last days:

bali3A nice lefthander in Canggu, a surf spot a few miles north of Kuta. This place usually gets too crowded around 7.30, so it’s all about dawn patrol here. Fun longboard and beginner wave, if you want to get used to reef breaks this is a good place to start, as it breaks over sand and rocks.

bali2This spot is called Uluwatu and always has waves, but it also gets incredibly crowded when it’s at this managable shoulder high size. Gets very shallow and the reef is sharp, so it’s actually less scary when the waves are bigger and the water gets deeper.

bali1I’m going to end this update with this really random shot of a crab.

This afternoon Henrik (Windstedt) gets in on the plane so we’re going to go out to Kuta reef to catch a few small ones. The swell that was due in today didnt really show so it’s still pretty tiny everywhere. Lots of frustration, then I remember the fact that I am on a tropical island and I dont have to do anything all day and I suddenly feel OK. Life’s not that bad, after all.

Stay tuned, updates coming soon!


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  1. Get a hair cut!

  2. And get some cool waves at Dreamland :)

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