Bali pt.III

Hey everyone, and sorry for the long absence here on the blog, I’ve been staying down on the southern peninsula of Bali, the Bukit, where I’ve either had bad internet or been to busy surfing to keep you updated on what is going on in my life.

Anyways, we are back in Kuta for the night, we’ve made a hotel reservation for our last 4 nights and we’re going to go eating something other than fried noodles/rice or pizza, which I’ve been living on for the last week. Then we’re doing an ATM run, before heading back down to Padang Padang where we still have two more nights.

Here’s some new photos from the last 2 weeks:

bali19just when we had our bags packed and got ready to leave Lombok, this deadly (i dont know if it is, but lets hope) scorpion tried to get a lift on one of our boardbags. crikey!

bali20back in Bali, I immediately went down to the famous surf spot uluwatu. the swell was still big and the paddle-out was very exciting. here’s me in the green shirt getting ready to duckdive one of the set waves.

bali21and here’s me blowing it on the take-off.

bali24catching a decent one before sunset.

bali25big one on the outside bombie.

my favorite wave in Bali is by far Bingin, a short, hollow left-hander just about a mile from our hotel. unfortunately it gets very crowded, all of the time, so if youre an intermediate surfer like me your chance of catching a wave there is pretty much equal to zero. this is at 6.15 in the morning and there were already 5 people in the tight take-off zone:


its just a 30 meter ride but if you get one youre adrenaline-tripping the rest of the day.

bali30monster clean-up set wave coming out of nowhere. I’m the one ditching my board right in front of it. good times.

oh, and yesterday we went to see a holy hindu temple on the very southern point of Bali. well, to be honest we just went to hang out with the monkeys that are everywhere around the temple yard:



Sofia getting rid of some fleas.


monkey eating a tomato.

and last but not least, the only group photo of us all taken so far on this trip:


check back soon!


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  1. Superssweet pics!

  2. Looks like a great time! Those waves were massive!!

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