back home!

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2 flights and 24 hours later, we’re back in the apartment in täby, stockholm, sweden. didnt get much sleep on the plane so it will be really tough to stay awake until tonight. but its always nice to be home, no place like it. i’ve unpacked all my bags already too, and cleaned our storage room to fit all the skis that were laying around everywhere before. i’m very proud of myself.

now we’re going to go eat sushi at my mom’s place before i’m giving her a ride to the airport. she’s going to Mallorca, spain. I can’t say im very jealous, feels way to good to be home right now.

and guess what, it looks like i might get some cold water surf tomorrow morning, strong windswell building south of stockholm tonight. whoho!

over and out

~ by jacobwester on July 9, 2009.

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  1. välkommen till regnet!

  2. back home safe! looked like you had a great trip, awesome!

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