Bali pt.I

Heeeeey, and sorry for not providing you with any info on the fascinating life of yours truly lately.

This last week has been pretty good, we have been cruising the west coast of Bali, surfed a whole bunch, and met up with some friends from back home. Here’s some pictures from the last 7 days:

medewi_36.30 am, Kuala Lumpur airport. really sore and tired from the 11 hour flight from Stockholm. 3 more hours to go.

medewi_45 minutes after landing in Bali. Malaysian Airlines have really colorful seats.

medewi_5This was the morning after we arrived in Bali, Chris O’Connell made me go out surfing Uluwatu first thing in the morning. The new swell had just arrived and the sets were pushing double overhead+. Needless to say I was shitting myself and I only managed to catch one wave before getting worked by a set. Here’s Chris on a good one.

medewi_6Sofia and her new 6′10 funboard.

medewi_7This is our hotel in Medewi, a quiet village 3 hours north of Kuta. We had the whole white house on the right for ourselves for 25 dollar a night. The surf break in the background is a 500 meter left, mellow pointbreak.

medewi_1medewi_2two shots from the surf friday morning. good, fun size practice waves.

medewi_10This is a secret beach break we stumbled upon one day on the scooters. It was head high, glassy, an not a single surfer out. We had it for 3 hours before the wind picked up, just trading waves and laughing.

medewi_9The dudecrew: Calle, Markus, Jacob.

Now we’re back in the tourist frenzy of Kuta, were we will be spending three nights before heading down to the Bukit peninsula to get our serious surf game on. Stay tuned for some more posts in a couple of days!


~ by jacobwester on May 29, 2009.

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  1. U’ve great sunglasses, it’s Ray Ban or smthg?
    btw great photographs :)

  2. Do you read your own blogg and jack off? Or do you jack off in front of a mirror and then wright your blogg?

  3. jimmy – why dont you tell me more about how jealous you are of my life?

    madsc – theyre oakley frogskins. check em out on

  4. Oh Oakley, thx Jacob. :)

    Don’t worry about jimmy, jealous dork.

  5. Nice to see you got 6′10 funboard for your girlfriend.
    What a great trade!
    P.s the beaches look great in Bali, whats the food like?

  6. lookin awsome over there. i just wonder why the links are gone?

  7. Now I really rest my case.

  8. Verkar sjukt härligt! Fan vilken resa.. gör det inte bättre att det ska bli 5 grader i Sverige, föresten är det Calle Crabber?

  9. jonathan – calle crabber ja, stämmer.

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