africa pt.2

what do you know, wireless internet in a tiny village in Africa. ah, I love civilisation. because that’s the very definition of civilisation, right? wifi, microwaves and automatic ass-rinsing/drying toilets.

anyway, I stumbled upon some wifi in my room and I will try to post some pictures now. later.


the bus

the beach

the beach

the sunset

the sunset

yeah, that took about 4 hours. guess this place isnt THAT civilised after all.

alright, stay tuned for some surf shots, swell tomorrow!


~ by jacobwester on November 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “africa pt.2”

  1. hey jacob can you tell me wich laber your hoodie in the beach photo is? i´m always searching for such long hoodies like taht one :)

    thanks for an answer

  2. hey christian - its a cheap monday sweater, no hood.

  3. Hej skön blogg!!jag följer den med stor spänning. Jag undrar bara vad det är för märke på tröjan i bussen? Den såg grymt skön ut =)

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