I’ve got your name on my ass

did the lazy editing style again. i figured you get to see enough on jons different blogs, and NSTV.

tattoo gun is going warm here in trysil.


~ by jacobwester on March 26, 2009.

7 Responses to “I’ve got your name on my ass”

  1. Now he’s got a grammatical error on his arse.

  2. t-wall afterbanged that kangeroo flip so hard!
    i actually dont know if i liked it though… that trick looks with so much afterbang…

  3. anonymous - if you look again, you will find that its not an “e”, its a cursive “r”…

  4. i would like to have a “MADE IN CHINA” on my underfoot :D

  5. hey jacob, i dont know if u have seen it but shane mcconkey died two days ago in italy with base jumping. RIP! just wanted to let u know… its written on espn. take care, peace

  6. ärligt, står det your eller you’re?

  7. your…kolla igen så ser du att det är ett skrivstils-r. det är många som kommenterat att det är otydligt, så vi touchade upp den idag och gjorde ett tjockare och mer uppenbart R.

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