air guitar contest

ignore the first 27 seconds of black screen. enjoy.


~ by jacobwester on April 1, 2009.

7 Responses to “air guitar contest”

  1. haha pretty much the funniest idea for a party ever! Congrats to the guitar! BTW I’ve been lookin on jons both blogs and it seems that you havent been jumpin the last day or days?

  2. Insane guitarskills Jacob! Congrats!

  3. Gratulation Jacob!! Funny :D :D

  4. what are you going to do with a years supply of snus….

  5. hahah nice with a year of free General, i wish i had that… congratz, you got some mad skills on both air gitar and regular!

  6. Nice flying-V. But seriously, a year supply of snus…???? I guess you have a real possibility to get heavely adicted. Jon has realy hit the jackpot with sponsors this year. Junkfood, snus and energydrinks, mmmmm healthy.

    Sorry for the hate but heavy-metal gives me some kind of allergic reaction, realy love your blog.

  7. everyone - I gave the year of free snus to Schmuck. lets say my name will be mentioned on NS a lot more from now on…

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