yes, petey, yes.

on my way back to my room at 1.30 am the other night, Luke van Valin and Peter Olenick stops me in the hallway.

- we have been looking everywhere for you, said pete. - I have an awesome tattoo idea.

oh man. well, I asked peter about 10 times if he really was SURE, and yes, he was. I could need some practice, and the sketch they showed me fit peter perfectly. keep in mind, peter drew this, I was only responsible for marking his skin permanently with it.


make sure to check back soon, as the JOSS crew is heading to Åre, Sweden on sunday, and thats when we usually start to party. this is just a warm-up…


~ by jacobwester on March 27, 2009.

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  1. XD

  2. OMG!!! hahahahaa

  3. I die…hahahahahahah!that’s so awesome!

  4. hahahhh, pure awesomenes!!

  5. are you or some other team filming any powder skking?

  6. Hehe :D

  7. what an incredibly relevant tattoo. I suppose dissing Gerald Ford was the second alternative

  8. “PK and Russ beat out Jon Olsson and Jacob Wester, who both tied for 3rd, but are first in our hearts.”

    Difficult desition between you and Russ…. what trick did he do to beat that amazing dub 12 you did?

  9. switch dub 10 dub mute. dub dub dub. yeah judges said it was tough but i was stoked to even make finals… haha.

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