I didnt think it would come to this

but yes, it is happening, there is not anything of interest going on in my life at the moment, the weather sucks and i am sleeping, eating and going to the gym. so here is a blog post about what i bought at the supermarket today. some of you have expressed interest in that matter, believe it or not. enjoy:

Check back soon for more interesting stuff. (i doubt it though).



~ by jacobwester on February 6, 2009.

7 Responses to “I didnt think it would come to this”

  1. Sick Update. Could of done with a video tho. lol
    I guess when your the coolest person in the world for 99% of the time you gotta have a down day now and then.

  2. Dope update!
    haha ;)

  3. like eldorado huh..? ^^ that’s truly the cream-brand right there =)

  4. dennis: I do like it, because its the cheapest brand in sweden (pretty much) and you get the exact same product that other brands charge nearly twice as much for.

  5. Nice to see that even Rockstars do their shopping at willys. :)
    Only healthy stuff except for one thing.
    It´s even more nice to see that you take care of the body and don’t eat lots of junkfood.

  6. Haaha sunkig update :) sjukt najs endå, mer billys nästa gång bara.

  7. Willys Arninge is the shit!
    woorked last year in that store!!!
    What´s next???
    Jacob @ tegelbruket nightclub???hahaha

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