mom, dad, look away now

We all knew it would happen. With nothing else to, I decided that I was going to take the final step and try out the gun on real skin. I couldnt find any willing test objects so what do you do?

dont let the smile fool you. thats pure nervousness.

mmkay, here we go

mmkay, here we go



My ankle is healing up well too, I am pretty sure it should be OK to ski on in a week. I really hope so, it would be fun to go to Vermont for the second dew tour stop. peaceinthemiddleeast/J

~ by jacobwester on December 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “mom, dad, look away now”

  1. man kanske skulle ställa upp som frivillig :)

  2. skulle du ta betalt om man ställde upp som frivillig?

  3. A: nej, jag skulle inte ta betalt, men än så länge känner jag mig inte skicklig nog att ge mig på folk jag inte känner. kanske om några månader!

  4. älskar dina armar!

  5. wow
    that looks good :)
    would you also make a tattoo on me?? ;)

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