what do i write on here?

Happy New Year everyone,

I’ve been slacking with updates, I know. But what do I write about? Right now not much is going on, I’m rehabing the foot, trying to get strong again so I don’t miss too much of the season. I’m about 95% sure that I won’t go to the second stop of the dew tour, because I want to be on the top of my game for X-Games Big Air which should be tons of fun this year if they can build a better jump (If anyone with any influence on the X-Games course builder reads this, think big!)

Anyways, here’s a handful of pictures from the last couple days. It’s really cold in swedeland right now and all the lakes have ice on them, so we’ve been ice fishing. No luck so far though, one fish in 3 days.

started off 2009 with making a friend tattoo on my best friend Carl. I was a drink or two deep so it wasn't perfect but it's rock n roll!

started off 2009 with making a friend tattoo on my best friend Carl. I was a drink or two deep so it wasn't perfect but it's rock n roll!

Another old friend, Jakob, ice fishing.

Another old friend, Jakob, ice fishing.

a frozen creek. duh.

a frozen creek. duh.

Molly is my grandmothers dog and she's pretty adorable on the ice.

Molly is my grandmothers dog and she's pretty adorable on the ice.

No fish today either.

No fish today either.

Back to the issue of me not providing any interesting posts on this site lately. Since I don’t feel like I have any long rants about the questionable Dew tour judging in me at the moment, what do you, the readers want from this blog when I’m not skiing? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


~ by jacobwester on January 3, 2009.

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  1. Hey Mr Wester! (gotta love the formal intro)
    First of all you’re actualy one of the most interesting pro skiers out there for me. I love Swedish culture, the people, the art, environment, women! Everything (I also love Ikea, Kopparberg cider, Absolut, and Bjorn Borg boxers) I’m from the UK, so how you do things is pretty different.

    SO, back to your question. I personally would just be interested in general non skiing life. And since you’re in Sweden right now, that will be even better! Pictures of Parties, chilling days, watching tv, having your favourite meals, playing kendama, drawing, being with the girlfriend, being with friends, going shopping etccc. Just basic things for you interest many people I’m sure.
    And since pictures tell more than a thousand words.. pictures always help with paragraphs of words.

    So I hope maybe I’ve enlightened you into our world.. the non pro skier world.
    Take it easy Jacob. Peace & Unity.

  2. happy new year jacob and good luck for your contests in 2009!!

  3. Yes, Happy New Year!

    Well, as Sam already said give us some updates about daily life, training off the slope, ideas, thoughts… whatever is on ur mind.

    Haha, u know what happend a few days ago?! couldnt find my car keys so i put my alpha next to me and - yes i guess its a magoc ski- it stood like urs in breck! gotta send u the picture, its pretty funny!

    enjoy home and good luck 4 xgames!

  4. helloooooowwwwwwwww!!!!!!! test test! xD no i`m joking. you are such a great freeskier and a damn hotty.

    greez from zurich

  5. And a Happy New Year toooooo^^

  6. du skulle ´kunna börja med “dagens outfit” hahahah detvill säga, visa vad du har på dej varje dag!! HAHAHAHAHA (ett seriöst förslag även då de kanske inte verkar så eller så verkar de kanske så !! )
    förresten du e grym hehe :)

  7. I think you you should write more.. Its actually pretty interesting how your life looks like! So maybe 3 post a week? :)

  8. write every litle silly thing that’s going on in your live, after all, thats what an blog is for;)
    keep us posted!

  9. An edit “oldboy reunion” with keife, strand, jarheim etc would be fresh!!!

  10. heyyy… r u fine? i see u on tv..=) ehhehe u win the first!! =) do u live in france? i’m from brasil =) take care..kisses

  11. I wanna know more about the skiing… how you train, what tricks you are doing and why.. what to think on when hitting a big jump or doing the tricks…

    krya på dig

  12. thanks everyone for opinions and ideas. I am in the progress of uploading a videoblog from today, so stay tuned.

  13. Some tips on how you stay in shape my take a camera to the gym

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