video blog!

No reason to deny it - videos are more exciting to watch than pictures and words. Here’s some ice skating.

Also, ignore the black/red square at the end, it was supposed to be an arrow pointing out where I live but I screwed it up somehow. My editing skills will get better, I promise.


~ by jacobwester on January 5, 2009.

8 Responses to “video blog!”

  1. Sickk. This is the start of something good I’m sure. Maybe more videoblogs of specific ski training? Fitness? Chillin? General life at home? Going out? Tattoo-ing? More of Sweden too.. it’s a beautiful place.

  2. I reallllly was happely surprised to see a videoblog on this site! =D And I also think that this videoblog is going to be fun to watch(start of something good), probably you ain’t going to give as much work on the videos as Jon, but I would like to watch your behind the skiing life too! Keep it up, with videos and normal blogging!

  3. Sjukt roligt att se fler videos :)
    Tycker du ska fortsätta med att köra videoblogg, (inte nödvändigtvis alltid) men det kan bli en bra mix mellan bilder och text ibland.

  4. Great blog. I tally agree with the idea of a fitness or training blog. Were going to miss you at mount snow this week. Get better soon!

  5. niice jacob! måste dock fråga, ska du inte va me i slopestyle delen i xgames?
    aja bli bättre snart så får vi se dig på podiumet inom snar framtid;)

  6. fortsätt de kul :)

  7. Grymt! :) Fortsätt med videoblogen :)
    Lycka till på X games! :)

  8. johan b - inte helt säkert ännu, får reda på det om ngra dagar. hade inget vidare slopestyle-år så då vet man aldrig.


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