Back in CO

Just letting you all know I just got back to Breckenridge, Colorado, where I will spend about a week to get strong for the X-Games.

It’s 6:20 in the morning and I’m jetlagged so I got up at 5. Always good to come here since I can get up early in the mornings and I will be too tired to cause any trouble at night, so I know I’ll get shit done…

Stay tuned for skiing updates!


~ by jacobwester on January 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “Back in CO”

  1. Yeah… at last

    Make it happen!

  2. I was going to see when you were coming back. Headed to Breck tomorrow for a few days…

  3. what happened with the announced videoblog. its more like text blog like before.

  4. didn’t know u had a blog.. !
    sweet, keep updating it :D !
    hope to ski with you a few more times maybe ..

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