Hi all. I though I’d update you on why there’s no fresh ski edits popping up here every day.

I got to Colorado stoked, couldn’t wait to go out and ski and work on a bunch of tricks for the upcoming comps, and got up super early monday morning to go hit Keystone. Everything was feeling fine, until I klicked into my bindings. My ankle was nowhere near healed. On my way down to the park I popped a casual 180 on a roller and though my foot would break in half. I spent the rest of the day struggling with straight airs and boxes, eventually going home after a few runs.

Having an injury that you can’t even tell you have without skis on is so frustrating. Being the first injury in my professional career, I’m just not used to my body not behaving when I’m trying to get it to do certain things. I have exactly 10 days left until X-Games Big Air, and I am going to do my best recovering, working out at the gym, and staying off the hill. Hold your thumbs for me, please.

Let’s take the focus off my whining for a little bit and talk about a more serious issue. As you might know, Poor Boyz filmer and a good friend Riley Poor had a severe accident happening to him in Vermont a few days ago. He is currently in Albany, NY where he’s had surgery. Let’s all send out the best vibes to Riley and hope for a speedy recovery, we all know you can make it brother.

Riley at in Zürich

Riley at in Zürich

Read updates about Riley at


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  1. håller tummarna för att du ska bli bra till x-games jacob!

  2. I like your updates man.. keep them coming !
    good luck with your foot

  3. Man that super sucks! Injuries are a bummer!

    I got my fingers crossed for you man!
    Hoping it all works out.

    J :D

  4. I hope your foot gets better! I can’t imagine not being able to ski :(

  5. hope you are back to 100% for the xgames

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