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So, since I am hurt and can’t really provide you with any sick skiing, for the next few days/weeks I will dedicate this blog to the people I ski with on a daily basis. First up; Pat Goodnough. Pat is the man, letting me crash in his basement in Breckenridge all season so I though I’d give him some well deserved exposure here.


Name: Patrick William Goodnough

Date of birth: June 22nd, 1987 at the Bucksnort Saloon, Evergreen, CO

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment in skiing so far?

-Making finals at North American Open 2008, and winning the rail jam at NZ Open 2006. (Maybe stomping the shit out of a switch dub backflip in breckenridge, if I may add something/Jacob) (check video below)

What is your favorite reality show right now, Pat?

-umm….I’d have to say, right now, Real Chance of Love.

Good answer. What are your goals this season?

-Do Superunknown and get in level 1 productions next video. I also want to get a right 9 in the pipe so I have a legit contest run.

Do you have any current sponsors that you might want to mention?

-No contracts my friends, feel free to hit me up at 1 800 - NO CONTRACTS for further info.

Pat, tell us something we don’t know about you.

-I am fully convinced the world is coming to an end in 2012, december 21st to be exact. Look it up on the discovery channel.

But Y2K never happened though, did it?

-No, but Y2K didnt have a movie, right?

Make sure to check back soon!


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  1. sick skiing by path, nice videos.. remember to put some of those up when your öhm feet?! are feeling better..

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