sorry for being so repetitive but I had to show you this:


I dont know what this 3 lbs northern pike (the biggest predator in the lake) was thinking when attacking my tiny hook baited with maggots. he must have been really hungry. it was a mission getting it up with 0.15 mm nylon fishing line, thats for sure. this one got to go back.

an update on my current situation:

I have an appointment for an MRI on monday night so then I will get to know if I am supposed to ski on my ankle or not. Since it might not be anything wrong with the ligaments (which i initally thought), the bone tissue might have been damaged which requires a lot of rest to heal. while waiting, I will be fishing. so I might as well just stop calling this a skiing blog. actually, i’ve never really called it that. this is just a blog. so don’t complain.

being hurt has a good side too, I get to spend tons of time at the gym, to prevent this kind of mishaps in the future. im trying to get about 4-5 gym sessions a week which will do a lot of good. and i will look good on the beach this summer too:)

the other good thing is that its actually getting me stoked for skiing again, and I cant wait to go! its irony at its best that it would take an injury to get me motivated to ski again. oh well.

check back soon for updates,



~ by jacobwester on February 13, 2009.

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  1. YEa! :) .. nice to hear more from you

  2. Jobba på så är du snart tillbaka och äger allt igen Jacob! ;) ha de gött!

  3. Jag alskar fisk

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