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~ by jacobwester on February 18, 2009.

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  1. Sweet apartement man, liked the bedroom, nice and cozy.

    Oh and liked the “PROTEIN” part. Do yo have a way of thinking about food, like a lot of protein and carbs or do you just eat what you find tasty..? Are you or Sofia Vegetarian, just some general info on your thought about food would be sweet.

    Thx for the updates and such :)

  2. thanks!
    im very concious about what i eat, try to stick to an extremely high-energy diet when I work out a lot, so I eat about 3500-4000 kcal a day, mostly fish and chicken. were not vegetarian, but we dont eat any red meat.
    other than that, i eat pretty much anything except for fast food. high protein - high carbs - high fat, im not worried about gaining weight because I haven an extremely fast metabolism.

  3. *have, not haven

  4. hej jakob eller hur du stavas ja kände din brosha oskar förut ja och min familj bor i täby och vi dig fett

  5. glad to hear that ur going to do some more vid. episodes.
    while watching ur vid, i recognised that u have some spraycans in ur shelf. are u into graffiti?

    im kinda jealous, you got a whole lot of frogskins…

  6. sam - i used to be super into stencil art, thats what the spray cans are for. I still make stencils occasionally but i cant seem to find the time.

  7. wow haha must say jacob, I truly love ya.

  8. gimme your blue frogskins..

  9. Cool videoclip…nice flat btw

  10. This is semi-random but you have a great taste in music. The accompaniment to your JOSS edit and the part in claim are both sick songs. Have you produced any of your songs?

  11. I realy hope your going to do som more vidios and publish them here its fun to watch. And shit you got alot of frog skins would not say no to that colection ! :)
    Thanks, Billie

  12. colin - I have written some of my own stuff but its all kind of half-finished and I never seem to feel good about what I write. as soon as I do I will show it here though.
    thanks for watching everyone and I will try to keep answering your questions here in the comment fields of each post.

  13. Kul liv för en skidåkare.
    Målar du ngt?

  14. yay, my first comment on your blog. I like that you answer to all of the questions being asked.

    I would be interested in where you buy your all-day clothing. Love your style in skiing and fashion.

    keep up the good skiing and blogging!

  15. Really nice update Jacob, i like yours and sofias taste when it comes to decorating your home. The frogskins with presciption lenses were really sick! Do you know anywhere around stockholm you can get those or did you get them directly from oakley?

    Btw. just give a shout if you are going to sell one of those massive frogskins, would love to have a pair.

  16. OH MY GoooooSHHHHSHH….!!!
    I acutally feel so sorry for you!!!! This was the most boring 10 min in my entire life!!! :/
    Nice guitars though..

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